Note: This website is no longer maintained and will be taken offline by the end of September 2020.

We developed Simple Mapper to power a web site on the brain (
You can use it to organize what comes out of yours.

Make a concept map that shows relationships between concepts and ideas.
Make a network diagram that shows interactions between people, molecules, stars, or any group of things.
Make a workflow that shows how something works.

Just Jump In!

1. Register
Fill in the blanks.
2. Make Your Map
Enter two items/concepts (people, molecules, work steps, etc.). If you want, describe the relationship between the two items/concepts ("likes," "is part of," "goes with," etc.) Re-enter one of the first items and link it to something new. Repeat to link a lot of items/concepts. Click on an item/concept to change node color or size, or to add an information panel with commentary and web link.
3. View Your Map
Each of your items/concepts is now a "node." Some nodes have many links, some have only one.
4. Beautify Your Map
Use the control panel to change the attributes of your map. Freeze your map, then drag and arrange the nodes to make your point. Click arrow to hide control panel.
5. Print Your Map
Right-click or control-click (Mac) on the map, then select "Print..." from the pop-up window. Use landscape print layout.
6. PowerPoint Your Map
Enlarge your map or turn on full screen view (may change layout slightly). Take a screen shot of your map. PC: Alt-print screen to save to buffer, then paste (control-v) into a slide. Mac: Command-shift-3 to save to desktop, then drag picture into a slide.
7. Share Your Map
Attach a copy to your report. Email the URL to a friend. Create a group.
8. Evolve Your Map
Think about it. Obsess over it. Get some feedback. Get it just right.